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The audio Low Level Descriptors (LLDs) are a set of sound features defined within the new MPEG-7 standard. They measure several characteristics of sound, which are then stored as an XML file that serves as a compact representation of the analyzed audio. The LLDs are the basis to create advanced MPEG-7 audio content-based applications.

The TU Berlin Audio Analyzer implements all 17 audio descriptors defined in the standard. Here, it is possible to compute LLDs of an audio file of your choice and receive the chosen LLDs in an MPEG-7 XML file.


  1. Send us your audio file in WAV or MP3 file format.
  2. Choose the MPEG-7 Audio Low Level Descriptors (LLD) and specify the parameters on the selected descriptors.
  3. Receive the XML encoded results of the calculation.

Select the Audio File

Send us a WAV or MP3 audio file with the following properties:
  • the file size has to be less than 1 MByte for WAV and less than 300 KByte for MP3,
  • the audio file has to contain only one audio channel.

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